Arch Park

Children of all ages can cool off at the town beach, located at the end of Glines Park Road on Sandogardy Pond. The park also includes a playground and bathhouse.

Skate boarding for all ages at our local skate park located at Surrette Park on Gibson Mill Road just off of Park St.

Picnic Areas

The town provides four parks at which families can gather for picnic and games:

  • Arch Park offers spectacular views of the surrounding countryside from the top of Arch Hill
  • Surrette Park has picnic areas along the Winnipesaukee River
  • Pines Park offers picnic areas underneath the majestic towering Pines. Pines Park also includes a horse rink and baseball field that may be reserved for group use.
  • Glines Park offers picnic areas on Sandogardy Pond
  • Island Park is jointly owned and managed with the Town of Tilton. This scenic park is located in the middle of the Winnipesaukee River and has a stone fireplace, gazebo and picnic tables.
  • Mountain biking