The Board of Selectmen serve as Northfield’s Assessors. It is their responsibility to determine the value of each property in town so that property taxes may be equitably assessed.

The Town maintains assessment cards on each property in town. These cards list the attributes of each property that contribute to the calculation of the assessed value; they are on the Town's website click here to view.

Every taxpayer is encouraged to review their assessment card periodically to make sure the information listed on the card matches the 'facts on the ground' for their property.

The Town contracts with a professional assessment firm, Whitney Consulting Group, LLC, to assess properties. 

Assessing Clerk is available one Thursday each month (final schedule to be set soon) to assist you with any questions you may have about your property’s assessment. If you need a copy of your assessment card, want to see if you qualify for an elderly, veteran’s or disabled tax credit or exemption, or simply want to look at the assessing maps please stop by. Applications for elderly, veteran’s or disabled tax credits or exemptions are also available on this website.