Sanitation / Trash Collection

The Town of Northfield provides its residents with weekly curbside collection of household trash through a contract with Casella Resource Solutions. Curbside collection is provided only for residential taxpayers. Commercial and industrial units must contract with a private provider for trash removal. Apartments and other properties containing more than two residential units or sturctures on a parcel are considered commercial for the purposes of trash collection.

Effective June 1, 2021 all residential curbside collection will require up to 2 - 45 gallon barrels for each residence. If you are a two family home which is registered as a two family with the Town you are alloted up to 4 - 45 gallon barrels. Each barrel must be marked with your 911 address(es), and must accompany a lid at the curbside which must close all the way. No overage of trash or bags, boxes, loose trash, etc. on the side will be collected.  If you have trash which is over the required limit, you must seek alternate options to dispose of said trash, one option could incude bringing it to Casella on Rt. 140 at cost, or seeking other disposal sites in NH.  

“Household trash” is considered that trash such as food packaging, scraps, disposables, etc. that is typically produced by a residential home. It does not include hazardous waste, larger items such as old furniture, electronics, appliances, scrap lumber and other materials remaining from construction projects.

All trash at the curbside must be contained in a trash bags, within their allotted up to-45 gallon barrels.

All Northfield residents are encouraged to recycle at the Transfer Station on Johnson Road. To learn more about Northfield’s Transfer Station please visit the transfer station page on this website.

Staff Contacts

Name Phone
Aimee Dearborn 286-7039
Justin Bernier