Cyclical Review


Postcards were mailed to residents who will be visited by the Town’s contracted assessors, the postcard reads as follows... 

Please note that Whitney Consulting Group, on behalf of the Assessor's Office will be conducting property inspections through summer of 2024 in your neighborhood. This process verifies the accuracy of the database of property characteristics, to better calculate assessed valuations. 

The representative inspecting your property will have identification showing they are an employee of Whitney Consulting Group. If an adult is home at the time of visit, an inspection of the interior will be requested. Interior inspections normally take five to ten minutes. If no one is home, the exterior of building(s) will be measured, and our office will send a follow-up notice requesting an appointment for an interior inspection if needed. 

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and understanding of the importance of this process. Please do not hesitate to contact the Assessing / Administration office for further information at (603) 286-7039 or

This is not a town wide reevaluation. This occurs every year over the course of 5 years, per State Law, on the 5th year is when we’d do valuation updates across the town. The Town of Northfield’s valuation update just occurred in 2022, the next one will be 2027. 

If you would like to see your assessment card and verify what you are being taxed for, please visit in the search bar on the left you can begin to type in your address. When it comes up click on it and it will bring you to your property on the map, under Documents & Link you will find the Avitar Assessment card. Card Search

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