New Curbside Trash Collection Requirements

February 20, 2024
Dear Northfield Residents    

As you may know the Town of Northfield has enjoyed solid waste curbside collection for many years now, and we recognize it is a convenience to the residents to keep curbside collection. Therefore, the Selectboard has entered into a new 5 year agreement to continue curbside collection, however there are some changes being made. 

Beginning April 1, 2024, the following changes are being implemented to all residential homes 2 Units or less…

The service being provided will be fully automated. This means the truck will pull up to your container, lift the container and place it back down in the same location. Multiple containers must be placed next to each other at least (6) six inches apart. 

All homes with 2 units or less per parcel will receive 1 - 95 gallon trash container per unit, supplied by Casella. Units must be registered with the Town, a unit does include Accessory Dwelling Units/In-Laws. 

If you are 65 years of age or older, registered disabled, or if your driveway is 200 feet or more, you are eligible for either a 65 gallon container or a 32 gallon containers. Qualifications deadline will be March 1, 2024 at 2:00pm as Casella needs to order these containers to be ready for April 1st.  Please contact Christine at Public Works 286-4490 or

All trash containers will come with a serial number to identify ownership. If you want your address on the container, please use mailbox stickers, do not spray paint the container. 

All trash must be contained within the confines of the trash container. There will be no bags collected that are left outside of the container(s), as well as no bags, boxes or other debris stacked on top of the container.  If this occurs, Casella will have to leave the container as is and will be back the following week to collect, if corrected. 


  • Two weeks prior to implementation – Casella will deliver new containers to your residence. 
  • One week prior to implementation – if you choose Casella will collect your old containers, you will need to leave a note on your old container stating “Please take this container”
  • If you miss the disposal of your current containers, you will be allowed to dispose of them at the Transfer Station. 

We thank you in advance of these new restrictions.

Northfield Board of Selectmen,

Jason Durgin
Mark Hubbell
Ross Cunningham